Sustainable relationships create a sustainable industry

Our Value Chain – a new approach to business

The strength of the Collective is broadly defined. It considers a long-term view when identifying opportunities. It requires a sense of responsibility to care for and nurture that which has been passed on to us, as well as to create the conditions for future generations to prosper.


Our values and tikanga practices play a vital role in both social and commercial activities. They are inherent in the way we do business and the Māori economy is being propelled by a young and emerging generation of business leaders who remain connected to their tikanga while operating confidently in the world.'

Titiro ki ngā taumata o te moana ā
Look to the horizons of the sea


Strengthening our value chain together

Taitokerau Māori Forests Inc is committed to identifying partnerships with industry groups across the entire value chain, domestically and globally. Future proofing the Māori economy and our wellbeing is inherent in how we practice our values to ourselves and others.


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Ngā Tikanga – Values

Kia maia - Competent and bold leadership

Mahi tahi - Work in an active and collaborative fashion

Anga mua - Be progressive and proactive

He tumu herenga waka - Provide stable and consistent governance

Kaitiakitanga - Environmental protection and enhancement