Tai Tokerau Māori Forests Inc
Thriving, growing, succeeding together


A Māori approach to business has always sought to integrate the profit motive with long term sustainability with care for both the people and the environment.
The forestry Collective represents our first steps to achieving a cohesive membership of Māori land interests in forestry.


It will evolve and grow over time as Māori landowners become more invested in the development and production of their land.
Our planning must account for the intergenerational nature of our business to ensure it always remains viable,
not only to the industry but more importantly to meet the needs of our local people and future generations.


Targeted outcomes for each strategic goal will help us define what we need to do, and these outcomes will also provide performance indicators to measure our progress.



Overall the Taitokerau Māori Forests Inc action plan aims to answer four key questions:

  1. Industry: What can we grow?

  2. Investment: What will it cost and where will we get the capital from?

  3. Demand: Who wants to buy our products?

  4. Capability: What knowledge and skills are required to run our business successfully?


Working Collectively to address these questions enables us to grow together, access expertise, share risk and share profits.


Māori Forestry work streams 2016-2010

The 5 year work streams are to meet our requirements for the development of Māori land, addressing its unique intergenerational ownership particularly in the way it is used and administered domestically, and how we do business globally.


The drive to develop land is about our people and sustainable profit. A key challenge for Taitokerau Maori Forests Inc. Collective members is that their forestry experience lies predominantly in leasing land, not owning and managing the forest. The Collective provides opportunities for the membership to enhance and develop skills, knowledge and a deeper understanding of forest establishment and forest management.