Māori Participation

Forestry in Taitokerau is a thriving industry, Taitokerau Māori Forests Inc has watched the industry strengthen and grow, and we are recognising opportunities for our own people to participate across the entire value chain.


Our journey is to work with Māori landowners to lift productivity opportunities, educate, encourage, and support the transition from lessor arrangements with others to owner management of land and forestry assets. The path we have travelled in the formation of Taitokerau Māori Forests Inc has led us to collaborate with industry leaders, who have given shape to our purpose and abilities.


Being a Māori Collective, we have motivations and characteristics that set us apart from non-Māori business collectives.


We offer a unique point of difference in how we do business based on our tikanga (cultural values) and kaitiakitanga (custodial) responsibility to protect intergenerational assets for future generations. We have many years of experience building relationships and forming strategic alliances, dating back to the trader ship days in Taitokerau waters.


We have incorporated this collective to put our aspirations into action to enhance the future of Māori in forestry.

Where we began: He waka eke noa

In 2014 a Māori forestry kaupapa project was launched to identify a way forward for Māori landowners interested in forestry. The aim of the project was to bring Māori together to discuss and explore how to best plan for the future. Through several hui and wānanga it was identified, by participants that establishing a Collective for the purpose of planning was key to achieving a durable, holistic and robust approach. Organisations from across the industry were also invited to participate, providing both technical insight, information and wrap around support services to enable informed decision-making.


Taitokerau Māori Forests Inc was formerly established as an Incorporated Society in 2015 to assist all Māori landowners in the collective to a level of commercial readiness.


Māori landowners generally are in a ‘development phase’ in which they must grow their capacity and capability to better understand their land assets and grow potential forest assets to deliver returns. Taitokerau Māori Forests Inc is a Collective of both experienced Māori landowners who already exist and thrive in the commercial forestry industry, and industry professionals who support and provide advice to those who are looking to grow their capability and knowledge in the commercial sector.