Taitokerau Maori Forests Inc:
managed by Māori for Māori

Our kaupapa: to develop skills and enhance knowledge, providing a deeper
understanding of forest establishment and forest management.

Māori are aware that decisions made now, impact on future generations to come.

Taitokerau Māori Forests Inc are focused on leading a conversation that puts land and forestry assets to the forefront of their participation in Māori and Regional Economic Development.


The Incorporation is a collaboration of Māori Land Trusts and industry representatives who are committed to the forest industry and any associated industries that provide the land owners with an income stream. The collective currently has a membership of Māori Trusts and Incorporations who hold more than 50 individual land holdings and collectively administer over 35,000 hectares of Māori freehold land in Taitokerau.


The collective aims to grow its membership of Trusts and Incorporations as it builds its capability and capacity to understand the forestry sector.

Taitokerau Māori Forests Inc has spent the past three years developing their aspiration to better understand the forestry industry, understand what capability requirements they need and identify the most efficient and effective way to move from a pre-commercial space (land and lease – passive land owners) to a commercial environment (equity in trees or forest management).


Taitokerau Māori Forests Inc is a charitable trust managed by Māori for Māori. We believe in the value of collaboration within a Māori landowner community. Most Māori landowners do not currently own the trees growing on their land holdings. As a result, the membership is lifting itself from a passive land owner lessor environment to owners and managers of both land and tree assets. The purpose of the Collective is to provide practical help and advice for Māori landowners seeking to do the same.


We are here to effect change in how Māori landowners participate in the Forestry industry.
We will take our place to scope opportunities and foster co-operation.

He kai kei aku ringa
Providing food by my own hands.

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